Planting the seed: My Journey as a Novice Planter

Wahoo! My first blog post on pot my plants. I’m so excited to share my journey with you as I learn about house plants and turn my home into a mini indoor jungle! 

Succulent plants in pots

Pot my Plants is all about tracking my journey and keeping notes of important tips and tricks that I learn along the way. I don’t expect anyone else to read it but if you are reading this… Hi mum! 

As a novice planter, I’m starting with the basics. I have bought myself a few small plant trays with the aim of growing some new plant babies via propagation.

I have also started with some mixed chilli and cactus seeds to attempt to grow things from scratch.

Growing plants and keeping them alive is pretty intimidating, but with a little research and some trial and error, I am starting to find my groove. Surprisingly, TikTok has been an amazing place for information, from finding out how to propagate plants and the care they require.

I am sure I’ll have my fair share of failures and setbacks, from over and under watering or choosing the wrong pot or space for my plant but I’ll be sure to share these so that I can grow… if you pardon the pun. 

Last year I was gifted a Christmas cactus and a jade plant. My aim is to propagate these as my first project, so keep an eye out for more updates.

If you’re just starting out on your own indoor gardening journey, I hope this post inspires you to keep going. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help, and remember that each plant is different and requires different care.

With a little patience and perseverance, you too can watch your own plants grow into a beautiful, thriving mini jungle.

Pot my plants. 

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